Luck: why deny it?

“You’re so lucky.” These words are like polished gemstones.

They may not seem so when the feats that you’ve fought for are labelled as good fortune. Yet think about it – you’ve managed to hide the sweat, giving the appearance of ease.

Why deny the smile of luck? Sometimes it’s actually true. More often, it’s not. But being thought lucky sits fine with other people in the way that ambition-driven success doesn’t.

Hard work that brings results can set a tough standard. Nobody likes to be judged lazy or lacking in drive.

Folks would rather be around people who enjoy good fortune. It’s uplifting, and is also thought to be infectious. Some of it might rub off . . .  rewards achieved without effort.

So tell me I’m lucky. I’ll agree with you every time.

Invent – or just get better?

Who isn’t hoping for the breakthrough that will transform their enterprise – the innovation that will set the world on its heels?

Hard to find, and more progress can be made by the less exciting method of continuous improvement.

Well, it’s not exactly continuous. More ‘fits and starts’. Still, if you’re always on the look-out for these minor opportunities for moving ahead, you will find them. And they do add up.


In a sense, innovation and continuous improvement are the same thing. It’s just a matter of scale. Breakthroughs look like a continuum when they’re viewed from a sufficient distance.

You’re more likely to advance with accumulating baby steps than if always looking for the transformative ‘smash hit’. Occasionally you’ll enjoy one of these, but it’s difficult to plan for.

Bust the charts or succeed by stealth? The answer is at your feet.