Make your dirt wait

I love the industrial concept called batching. It’s a simple idea that means you don’t tackle a particular job until lots of items are waiting for your attention. Then you fix them all at once.

Batching is efficient. You’re not being distracted from other tasks in order to clear a small backlog. Checking emails once or twice a day is a form of batching.

Bosses or clients will try to stop you from batching. They prefer Just in Time, because it means they never have to wait for delivery.

Within reason, their demands should be resisted, in the interests of mutual efficiency. 

Batching works wonders at home. Don’t think about cleaning your house until the soiling is actually visible. Yes, you can batch your dirt.

For people who hate housework, batching is a perfect concept, because it legitimises procrastination. It doesn’t just excuse the delay, but gives it scientific respectability.

I’m going to save up that thought for later.

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